Friday, March 3, 2017

Hacksaw ridge.

Few moments can etch you for eternity. A boy who hurt his brother at childhood gets mortified as his religion says, not to kill. The same boy loses to himself when he points his gun to his father. Then came the resolution in his life that he was never gonna touch the gun again. 

Life never lets you live in the way you like. There comes the world war-2 when all the youth sign up for the military.

In the act of violence, bloodshed, killing, Desmond Doss, the seventh day adventist wanted to save lives, he wanted to help people and joins the military to become combat medic.

 'Coward' calls his troop and trouble him to death who refuses to handle the gun and take a break on Saturday being seventh-day adventist. He faces every kind of humility but, never gives up on his beliefs.  His father comes into rescue bringing the letter from general about his protection on act of congress, to relieve him from the court of marshall.

Being combat medic, conscientious objector, he joins the troop for the battle of Okinawa. They ascend the stoop Hacksaw ridge and fight against the Japs. Both the countries lose many lives.  When Japs counter attack and send Americans down, Desmond on hearing the cries of soldiers decides to rescue from the carnage. 

He saves more than 75 lives working all night and fighting exhaustion and fatigue by praying to save, 'one more life.'
He rescues several soldiers and sent them down all night. After a daybreak, he saves two more people and gets down. 

Single person saves many lives and the whole troop gets inspired and decides not to leave without him. On Saturday, the team heads to Hacksaw ridge with Desmond after he finishes his prayer. This time, they outnumber the Japanese and secure the place. During the course of action.  Desmond gets hurt and comes down with the bible in hand which was presented by his girlfriend, Dorothy.

How far does a person go with a conviction on his belief system. Hacksaw ridge is the answer.

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