Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Birthday Cards

Blessed by the wishes of all the children, friends and family. These are a few celebrations, I cherish. Nanu walked in to give me a birthday card at first. Ashok, 4-year-old kid,  made his own card and gave it. He walked onto the stage to  say, "Abhinay bhaiya accha ladka hai." 

Lalit, Chaya, Suman, Paramjit, Dhawal, Payal, walked on to the stage to wish and say a few words about me. So cute and nice.  

Nanu's card

She heard that it's my birthday. She reached me and said, "Aapka Birthday hai na." Mai aapko card dhungo. She went and returned after few minutes. A torn paper with scribbling.

Her expressions and wishes were heartening. She took out the paper, she scribbled what she could and gave it out. Thanks alot Nanu.

8th class wishes
Very inhibitive but, quiet friendly class.

Thanks, Ravinder and Harshit. 

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