Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Stories from Sirohi- Confidence

    "Read the world through the word."

                                                                    - Paul Fraire.

How do you read? Many expressions when kids said, "I don’t know." was out of helplessness and out of guilty.  I wanted to work on the confidence as well as, the reading skills. Thanks to Ankush, co fellow for extensive documentation and immediate help, I gained confidence in the way I was going.

Funnily, practicing the confidence, I taught the kids to say, I don’t know and it’s okay to not know things. My improper Hindi was tough to guess, but, I was okay speaking improper Hindi. I was making progress.  Over the time, kids understood that they can be themselves and be okay about not knowing.

A  few kids escaped for the sheer experience of boring learning. Kids always love to learn, it’s just that we do not know the ways of teaching.  I found few kids who could learn in a way I was preparing to help them learn.

Fast forward 3 months, inconsistent practices, irregular classes, clashes of pedagogies and commitment to learning, kids are ready to learn and they gained confidence to learn.  

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