Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Sunday Haul- November

Walking to Abids, I ran into Vinod. It's because of him, I took up this habit of Sunday strolling at Abids for books. 

He was with two of his students from his institute.  

I went on with my stroll and picked up Ruskin Bond Collection and Sir C.R.Reddys wit and wisdom. 

Heard a bit about him while  staying at Chittoor, got a chance to know him a bit through this book.
Ruskin Bond and this book for 80rs. A decent buy.

Walked up to 10rs stuff and found this book, The Omen. I read it but I don't own a copy. So, picked it up.

I love hardcovers for their binding. Discovered the Wreck by Rabindranath Tagore.  

Tried getting God Father original for 50rs but never got it. Decided I'll buy before I miss out originals and got it for 80rs. So far, the best deal I cracked near the person whom I meet every sunday. 

Sony Private Life is one book, I wasn't sure of buying. But reading a few reviews on Amazon, picked it up.

Good stuff. Next weekends won't be in Hyd. So made up for two weeks. Good day. Day well spent.

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