Thursday, November 22, 2018

Why it has to be about everything but not those moments of happiness?

Talking to Shreya about my birthday, she became angry at me for not sharing that it was my birthday.

Generally, it's another way around.  I'm supposed to be mad at her for not remembering my birthday without an FB reminder. I'm supposed to feel that I'm the reason for everyone's happiness. The one that's born to bring light and all. 

But, her questions made me think.
"What stopped you from sharing about your birthday with me??"
"One call. Shreya! today is my birthday.....See, remembering a birthday or reminding the birthday is not a sign of value to the conversation we have on the birthday. It's the happiness we share is important"

What made me stop from sharing? Maybe I was acting egoistic, expecting everyone to remember my birthday. 

Staying hard on the expectations, I missed out the hearty conversations I could have had with all the loved ones.

Next time, no waiting business. Will call and talk if I want to.  

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter who called, all it matters is how do you enjoy their conversation.

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