Friday, November 23, 2018


It was 5.30pm and I entered this dazzling white dargah filled with tranquil vibes.
The ladies sat around praying, I strolled around enjoying the place. No sooner, I circled around the place, I sat at a corner and stayed still. Minutes passed by and the prayers continued.
There I had an urge to share the moment virtually through the instastory. There I had an urge to flaunt my adventures and boast my discovery of this dargah but, something stopped me. Amidst 20 InstaStories, 40 Photos in people's feed and do really people can understand what I'm experiencing through one picture of mine. If sharing is all about seeking reflections of thoughts, why do I've to share where I can't create a dialogue.
At the least, Do people really get informed about what I was going through???
T.M.Krishna's thoughts on 'sharing' flashed in my mind. Nevertheless, millennial I'm, programmed to freeze the moment through pictures.
I questioned of my presence there and I clicked one picture* in black and white and put the phone away.
After a whale of time, the ladies offered me sweet and a coconut piece.  I received it with gratitude and sat right there enjoying the evening.

Then, on a return journey, I shared the picture with few friends of mine starting a conversation on it. And I enjoyed it.

I'll continue talking about this when I meet my other friends in person but, I really don't want to do the small talk that's good for none and also where I can't really share seeking their thoughts on it.  

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