Sunday, November 18, 2018

Anjali & I

Anjali invited me to Shankar Mahadevan's concert for which she got passes from their school. She's sweet. I know!. Reminding the good memories of the AR Rahman concert and his time management, I was mentioning Harimohan about it. Quite a contrast to it, they've mentioned 4pm and nothing was ready by them. We were there till Anjali had it all. Waited for 2 hours and left out.

Durham Cheruvu is one place I wanted Anjali also to visit. I insisted them to go. Anjali said yes and we're on it.

After the set of sun, we strolled around. I spotted the paintings which I loved.

Anjali tried a few of the open gym stuff. In the end, Anjali clicked a few of my pictures. Thanks, Anjali. 

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