Saturday, August 18, 2018

Stories on Wheels

Drive with childhood friends.

Always up for a ride. Always up for a conversation. Of all the experiences I've I always seek goodness, good will.

As I was standing at a highway seeking for a ride, old person stopped and signalled me to get in. His body language seemed positive. Casual tone was welcoming. His words seemed vague. With a doubt in mind, I stepped into the back seat of car since there's another old man sitting front.

Opening the door, I dropped a box and I was bit embarrassed. Settled in few seconds, I looked at them and didn't speak a word.

I don't start a conversation since that's turn against me only. People may get intimidated if I start a conversation and ask about themselves.

They seemed old but their music choice wasn't old. Melodious Hindi songs were played. It was a Rexton a luxurious vehicle. He seemed settling and driving.

They were talking between themselves. I didn't speak a word. After an hour or so, I enquired about their destination. He was surprised to listen to me since he forgot that he gave a ride.

"Anduke lifts ivva nenu,"  said Sudheer. Talking about so many things, they spoke about  chief minister's of Tamil Nadu. Thanks to heavy coverage of The Hindu, I could see the lineage.

I got a chance to talk about it a bit.
I became a Bakra for you since you got ride right till your door step." He chuckled.

I shared my hitchhiking hobby. Person next to him took a interest and started talking.

Later, I got to know they're childhood friends. Friends since 49 years. wow! Prabhu and Sudheer reminded of the conversations I have with my friends.

With heavy dialect of Hyderabadi Hindi, they shared lot of conversations.

Sharing our qualifications, we realised we have two mechanical engineers under the roof. Prabhu is a electrical engineer from Machilipatnam college. Sudheer from CBIT.

We have a whole gang. The gang is still there. It brought a smile on my face.

Asking about their work. With much calmness and gentle tone, we do agriculture.

It was a delight moment to listen to it.

I got reminded of my friends whom I share same rapo with. Thanks alot Sudheer and Prabhu. Had great time riding with you both. Wish the friendship stays forever

I stayed silent. I opened my head

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