Thursday, August 23, 2018

Have to vs Get to - Gratitude Tales

Change in words brings change in perceptions. This is the best motivating thing I've read today. Have to vs Get to. 

While writing in a journal, when I write, 

"I have to wake up. I have to work. I  have to play. I have to read. ............," it's more of things that I set it for myself. Things I take granted at times. 

But, when I write, "I get to wake up. I get to work. I get to play. I get to read....." It seems more of opportunities. I feel abundant in life realizing I got so many things to do. 

One of the many times when I see at her and get a smile looking at her. The moon. 

To be grateful at every moment for the things we do, for things we have, for things we experience is a powerful habit that puts us in a positive space.  

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