Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A happy meet.

It's a delight to meet college seniors after a very long time. It's super fun to meet people at different circumstances. I got a call on a Friday from Vedhashri regarding work. I was a bit worried to get work at the last minute during weekends.

Later, I meet her on Monday. Breaking the ice, she tells me, "I'm a mechanical engineer."
Before I could ask her which college she is from, I kept guessing the college she'd be. Guessed all colleges but not VNR.
"I'm from VNR."
I was perplexed. Which batch she could be. She seems to be familiar but couldn't recollect which batch she's into. She's of 2013 batch. The batch who ragged me on my first day. I could recollect all the seniors, Nikitha, Tejaswi, Sravya, Soumya, and then it's Vedhashri who was always there with them.

She never ragged so, didn't get a chance to know her.
Spoke about all the moments how I got ragged. How I felt elated being ragged by them. Shared about the faculty. Discussed how subjects were there.

It's an absolute delight to meet her in the workplace. Shared insider information on how things work. 

Also, we have another associate who's the friend of our professor Shivraj Yeole. Three of us mechanical engineers gathered and were discussing all the subjects that were easy cakewalks and nightmares.

Wish I meet my gang now! They reminded me of all my college memories.

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