Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Rajasthani Fan of South Indian movies.

I stayed in Jaipur for a few days and lived the app life. Relying apps on basic needs. Commutation.  

During my ola ride, the rider gave me a helmet and requested me to put on. We started the journey and went on with our general conversation. 
'Where are you from?' asked the rider.

'I am from Hyderabad,' I said.

The reply heartened his mood and got excited. 'I like your movies. South movies are awesome.'

And throughout the journey, he was repeating the dialogues and kept on saying the names of the heroes. 

'All your heroes are great. All Arjun seemed to be the best for me. I like his acting.' and went on with the praise repeating the dubbed dialogues.  

'I watch KGF and waiting for KGF 2. I like Surya from Singam. There are so many movies to watch.' 

Raj Mandir Road

He covered almost all the industries from South India. Excited to meet the person from where the South Indian movies are made, he also said,  "Maybe south people do not know how Rajasthani fans are present for their movies."

True. Never knew that we have many audiences for our 'out of the reality' movies. 

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