Monday, February 17, 2020

Storytelling session with Deepa Kiran

Deepa Kiran is a storyteller delivering stories with the inclusion of the music. 

Deepa delivers stories with ease and charisma. 
She got a range of percussion instruments, mostly folklore instruments and uses it to create a sound during the story narration. 

Along with the sounds, Deepa's narrative style is amusing. 

She got all the little audience who keeps interrupting her with their cues. Deepa handled the children very well and narrated her sessions. 

Anjali mentioned to switch off my GoPro during the session.  I didn't get it but followed her suggestion.

Soon after some time, Deepa suggested all the audience to put their phones down since it's distracting a lot. 

Thanks, Anjali for the advice.  I could empathize with her about it. 

Deepa spoke about her mother tongue and the stories she engages in. She narrated ghost stories and also Kochuraman stories. 

The story of utter faith and honesty. It was a beautiful story. She also sang a few songs. Kantha a supposed to be a folklore song. Enjoyed it. 

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