Monday, June 4, 2018

TEDxYouth@Hyderabad. Behind the X

Shades of tomorrow.
The optimism is what puts the world on the move, making dreams possible, wishes real and at the most, making the world a better place.
The whole youth team, with a lot of optimism, energy, ventured to brainstorm ideas, plans. And they did it right.
As the event ended with lots of energy, it never seemed like an ending to me. Everyone was appreciating the effort of the team. Everyone was congratulating the whole team. It took me a bit time to realise that it ended.
Every Friday, way before the whole team arrives, these chaps show up huddling, discussing whatever has been executed and what else is left to be executed.
Ridheiy, the young and sweet organiser I know, walks along with the team, asking for their opinions. “Your opinions really matter to me,” says Ridheiy going through the whole list of ideas, plans and actions.
Though, haven’t got much time to interact with everyone, spent whatever little time, I had with all the chaps.  Cool Suhas who inevitably makes me laugh with his questions and his conversations.  Opposite to him, though she doesn’t make me laugh, she catches me laughing all the time, Hamsa, quite an observer and as well as a writer.
Then there are Sanskriti, Kashish who looks like a great duo, doing things in their own style. And then, Shreya who patiently nods for everything Ridheiy says and suggests whatever is in her mind, in a quiet tone.
Of all, there’s another teammate, Aarush who seemed to be silent during the event, at least to me!
This team did a commendable work giving a great experience to all the people who attended with lots of expectations.
No event is called as an event if it goes without glitches.
Few plans worked, few plans didn’t work but the way this team perceived things and acted along to put the best experience is inspiring to me.

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