Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Holidays with Harry- Passion


Sometimes, a  whole day never seems a day with 24 hours, when I delve into learning conversations. Such conversations etch in my mind, letting me learn lessons.  Meghana and I headed to Harimohan sir's home to have a conversation, to have a dialogue.

Never expected another guest, who also added bit of conversation on that day.

Satish Nargundkar, Shoba Mam's brother, with ease, leisured on the couch, wishing us with a smile. Soon after the wishes, and social conversations,  we delved into the most thought provoking question which have been lying with us, crunching our minds.

"What do we love to do?" What are our passions?!

Being youngsters between wise people, many lessons were learnt while we talked a lot about many things.


The most over used word, I personally feel.

'Passion' is the most over used word among my peers as we strive to search for ourselves.
We talk a lot about chasing passion, searching for passion.

I said, " We need to keep doing things unless we're sure of what we want to do. The more we do, the more we realise what we don't want to do in life."

Listening to me, Satish sir suggested, "whenever you're in search of your passion, don't do anything that jeopardizes the chance of chasing the passion which you think it is"

"Even though when you're in chasing passion, don't do anything that jeopardizes the chance of  searching your passion"

I could easily relate to this. I saw many people around me. 

One such was, soon after the education, my friend ended up at job which he didn't like. Slowly he pushed himself into the comfort zone and bought many stuff  that he thought he need to use as working man. And that he couldn't dare to chase his passion as lot of EMIs haunted him to stick to his job, he circled himself without letting himself to try new things.

Listening to the whole conversation, Harimohan sir added, "You do not talk much about chasing your passion, unless talking is your passion." Talking about it will take us  away from doing it."

How true it is!  Though lines sounded good, after bit of retrospection, those lines reminded me of the times I wasted just talking about passion.  We among ourselves talk a lot about chasing passion.

I recall times when I simply used to talk about writing stuff instead of writing stuff. I recall times of myself talking about unfinished book more times than sitting to write the unfinished book. Probably this quote suits here more, "Talk less, work more." Work on your passion rather than talking about it.

It'd be nice If I had worked on my passions instead of talking about chasing passions.

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