Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Learner. An inspiration.

Being in hostel makes you meet many personalities. One such personality which inspired me was my friend Vinod.

Things I got amused looking at him is his passion for learning. It's his intensity that grabbed my attention. I closely lived with him for 4 years. I witnessed him, enjoying his life by chilling out with friends. I also witnessed him enjoying his life by reading books, learning new things.

He was not a reader till his 12th. He started reading fiction/ non fiction books during Engineering course. I had friends who opine on Abraham Lincoln, Che Guevara and many personalities casually.  This person truly had an intense interest in their personalities and read their books and shared few anecdotes with me. 

We had few common interests. We also had few issues to disagree with each other. It's respect that we gave on each other opinions,

His intense curiosity is what inspired me. Both of us used to circle ourselves with books at our hostel. I remember the night conversations about social issues. He was the talker, I was the listener. He was open to learning, he was also open to listening. We both used to stay at our single rooms and be happy reading what we love.

His book suggestions were

Team of Rivals
A long walk to freedom
Motorcycle diaries
India before indpendence
Many books on Indian History.

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