Thursday, January 19, 2017

Introduction to "Holidays with Harry"

This label seems apt to all  the articles I write from the conversations I had with Harimohan sir.  Connecting all the dots, I feel contended reminiscing how  3 minute call with him took me to a situation where I can walk to his home directly and talk for hours and hours.
As I changed my living place to Bangalore for few months. Days were there when I missed meeting few of my friends but not a  trip was there missing a visit to his home. He was gracious enough  to me inviting every time with a  smile, asking about what's happening in my life.
I was  obscured enough with all  the prejudices on compassion, love and many other aspects. But after  meeting him, I got a chance to appreciate the life through compassion and love. That is the way how world should be!. I realised how swayed  I was.  There were many many  views, reviews that helped me to get my own view on many aspects. It could be a mere conversation but  those conversations were learning lessons, thought provoking, enlightening to me. So valuable were the conversations to me,  that I used to record all the conversations unobtrusively.

And also to mention, Shobha mam was so kind to provide me sumptuous lunch whenever I visited home.  I was taught few games by Anjali. Hope I get a place in her friend's list in recent times.
Cherishing all the conversations we made and  feeling excited about the conversations we are about to make, I write here naming the series, "Holidays with Harry."

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