Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Be the boss whom you want to have.

On a journey from my place to Yeshwantapur  railway station, I hailed a cab and shared it with a fellow passenger.
Thanks to Bangalore traffic, we were on road for a long time. Past 10 minutes, we were engaged in a conversation about Bangalore weather and its traffic. After a very casual conversation with the driver, he started asking about my education and profession. After I answered him, I asked about his background.
Married at an early age and in need of money to manage the family, he flew from his village  to Bangalore. Bengal to Bangalore. He works for a software engineer. His boss owns the vehicle and pays this driver monthly. He enquired how software engineer life is? He assumed lavish life and large amount of money.

I said 'Yes. Only when you get good manager and good team, if not, you have to forget peace in life.'
He said unobtrusively, "My master is always hard on me" I wonder how his master is.

He neither nagged nor questioned but simply told a line which provoked a thought in me.

All of us wish for an understandable boss and an encouraging team.  When we get an opportunity of being a boss or team player we should not forget to be whom we wish to have.

Be the boss whom you want to have.

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