Saturday, December 10, 2016

Right people on the bus.

During the conversation on "Good to Great," I and Harimohan sir spoke about "right people on the bus". How important to have right people around, to see success.

I also realised, how important it is to have right people to stay happy and to share the smiles.

After meeting  my cousin Pinkey, I felt contended just because of her warmth and love. I felt so joyful looking at her contended life. It's not she didn't had problems. Problems were just part of her life. So was happiness. She chose to delve in the meaningful and helpful feelings. Positivity and love. Having her  on  the bus, having spent time with her, I forgot to sulk and  kept smiling.
I realised how joyful was the time spent with her. Lot of positivity and love.

Always keep right people on the bus to stay happy to see the success.

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