Sunday, April 17, 2016

Poetry- Veiled my Dreams


I wrote this poem when I was asked to submit anything for my college magazine. Stayed away from the literary club and all it's activities during my college. I never thought of the club, they never bothered to encourage me. At the end of the college, I was reached out for a submission. 

A gratitude poem. 

Veiled my dreams
Fearing for the veering crowd
Vulnerable I was
Fearing for the veering crowd

Tiktok Tiktok
Started my Engineering Clock
Woke up with a  dream
Got ready to scream

Tiktok Tiktok
Stupid I was to hallucinate
Space is what I got in this beautiful college

Live. Love. Learn

Earn. Enjoy. Empathise

Read. Write. Recite

Ball. Baffle. Batter

Tiktok Tiktok

Time ran, memories are made,
Ticktok Ticktok

Paved the bridge to TED
In a rainy summer.

To the stir of my soul
To see the sea of success.

Good bye all!!
Gratified to meet all of you

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