Saturday, April 14, 2012


The day i took my studies seriously is the day where i didn't even bothered about my studies and future!!!!!

Its true! morning morning I'd   think about myself and my studies and same day evening I'll be wasting time which i didn't want to do.So if everything happens as we think....whats special?????? if it happens as we think  then our life will become Record Rewind Replay!!!!!

when ever you want something to be done  as per your wish........
its life  you have to live in present hoping for good future but not hoping  only for good future.
anything may happen at any time!!!
just living in the present doesn't make sense you should have some planning and guts to complete the task inspite of all deviations

so think about what you want but don't think about only what you want to happen.....
if you want it to be done then start the course of action!!!!!!

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